SCOOB! – Official Teaser Trailer

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Warner Bros. Pictures

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  1. All Yellow Josh Diz

    Make this Blue 💙💙💙 if this was your childhood !!!!

  2. Michael mike Diz

    Kids these days will never understand

  3. Sawyer's Videos Diz

    Scooby doo: exists
    Sonic: meow?

  4. David ningthoujam Diz

    Scooby and shaggy childhood stories😍. It would be epic 🙂

  5. Bungther Karam Diz

    Man i lovi it

  6. Jonny tedya Diz

    So cuteeeee

  7. el sasuki Diz


  8. duy thức lê Diz

    The god's origin

  9. Tsundere Mugs Diz


  10. Luhn Diz

    This sounds and looks like shit

  11. Rat with rabies :3 Diz

    Like Zoinks this looks gay!!

  12. hannah b Diz

    finally some stuff about shaggy and scooby hmmm my favorite

  13. GIraffe Diz

    this 3d design looks amazing

  14. Nikita Saha Diz

    My entire childhood… 😭😭😭😭😭

  15. Neroidius Diz

    1:46 that’s not an alien ship sucking them up, it’s Shaggy using his power to levitate then both out of danger

  16. Edgy Boi728 Diz

    can't wait to see shaggy use 1% of his power in this beautiful movie

  17. dangan trash Diz

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Scooby: IKEA

  18. Ice Viper Diz


  19. JW killz Diz

    Shaggy doesn’t sound like shaggy

  20. Ananya Sharma Diz

    Her : ugh is my dad the bad guy

    Me : yeah i hate when that happens 😒

  21. Vijay Jacob Diz

    Scooby Dooby Doo.., man the nostalgia

  22. Nihal PS Diz

    I'm never too old for this !

  23. Ant Muney Diz

    I like it but not gonna lie shaggy and velma dont sound like that when their older

  24. Amberlyn G Diz

    My childhood better not be ruined because this shit looks kinda good

  25. Tee Wik Diz

    Shaggys voice kinda throws me off but other than that I think it has potential

  26. nazeera banu Diz

    Well after a long time, let’s sit back and have some fun!!! SCOOBY DOOBY DOOOOOOO….!

  27. Rosa Kim Diz

    The music kicked in and I just 🥰🥰😍😭😭 *childhood flashbacks

  28. FBI Diz

    Scooby: licks shaggy
    Shaggy: licks back
    Joe, Yuri and Mike: Hold up

  29. Leila Sparks Diz

    I’m angry at the voice acting and how small Fred’s face is

  30. Isabella McMullen Diz

    Ok this genuinely looks pretty good and the jokes (mostly the IKEA one) we’re genuinely funny! Although Fred does look quite odd…and Shaggy’s voice is off. But this is really good looking can’t wait to see it!

  31. EDWIN E.A.Z Diz

    AVICII 💓💓💓💓💓



  33. Will Scheppers Diz

    Shaggys voice is so off

  34. SUNBLAZE11 Diz


  35. Red King Diz

    Velma looking so fine. I cannot wait for 2020.

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