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  1. Shadoe Rain says

    Its Johnwicks Brother.

  2. Phong Tống says

    I came here because of Po*nhub snow house scene video 😗

  3. Maty Medina says

    The Old Man Hannibal

  4. ivanovsd says

    I love Henry Cavil, I really do…but this guy is Gerald and thats just the end of it

  5. Kim Kim says

    Hideo kojima .. he may be the director

  6. Amenoxiel says

    Really enjoyed the movie! A surpisingly good cast too, not just Hudgens and Mikkelsen.

  7. S A N A N ! says

    Its blow time……

  8. ABDULLA . S says

    من اقوى الافلام التي عملتها نتفلكس بس لا يصلح للأطفال 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  9. Sufarewee Dunyamat says

    nice movie

  10. Chris Ubani says

    Just watched the video, Still one of the best movie's I have seen.

  11. Doug styles says

    The main guy is interesting, but the "hitmen/women" are unwatchable. I couldn't finish it.

  12. Jade Correia says

    I love this movie

  13. david colt says

    Netflix's Jon Wick . Just it

  14. Maritess Borja says

    Finally! A movie where some people are sane enough to know when to quit. Lol i didn't expect to see the last fight scene to happen.

  15. Aniruddha Dravyakar says

    Okay. after reading everyone's comments.. I am planning to watch it now.. sometimes we get bored seeing series,need a break

  16. Snoopy Bollox says

    I'm sorry but when you've got the only gay in the village as a super criminal I have to push eject….f**king garbage. ..

  17. Roksana Akter says

    Sex movi

  18. POLAR says

    A polar le gusto este vídeo

  19. de vil says

    Lagertha ruined this

  20. Julie Sand says

    I don’t know how i ever hesitated to watch this!!!!!!! This is like John Wick and The Punisher fused together and even better than the two combined?! Plus the ending, the plotS omg

  21. Mazen Kadry says

    Big Boss!💕

  22. Johomoto says

    1:47 truck? ):

  23. Mahesh Sharma says

    cidnaping safehouse and a innocent girl

  24. SeMperfi Patriot says

    This movie is sooo good, I watched before and it's one those that once it starts you cant turn it off. Especially when they captured him man o man,,idk he can take J Wick plus Mads have been doing this for a min… highly recommended

  25. TokiDesha says

    Ladies and gentlemen – Geralt of Rivia

  26. delecιa мejja says

    I thought it was bootleg….

  27. Baterka says

    deadmau5 certified movie

  28. Aster Le says

    Mad Mikkelsen?
    I'm in !!!!

  29. hissinggoose says

    Upon release the opening scene made my wife and I click back to browse because the Netflix trailer made it seem somewhat serious.we watched it tonight knowing it was just a goofy movie and it was enjoyable with a different mindset.

  30. Peter Van Keer says

    Pure crap. Shut if off and went to bed losing 30 minutes of my life.

    They copied stuff from John Wick, but in a parodic way. Yuck!

  31. Dunk Potato says

    Aka knock off John wick

  32. Hoang Vu Nguyen says

    Main actor was pretty badass but I couldn't stand the casting of the A-team. It's just fukin hurt to watch them everytime wearing clown outfits and hairs. They should stop doing those cheesy transition too.

  33. Cashper Da Gahd 2K says

    Everything about this movie is terrible except Mads Mikkelson

  34. Предусмотрительный Лентяй says

    Freddy Mercury – Hardbass Edition.=)

  35. Therran Tankonodu says

    Search in youtube "POLAR FRAGMAN FANTAGE" =) thnx for watching !!

  36. Jin Rei Tsung says

    That movie was not what I was expecting at all !! But it was great !

  37. mac wallace says

    saw a documentairy once, about a murder case. some satanist cut their victum over 200 times. and she didn't die. they sliced her throat and smashed her with a rock. that's not animal kingdom, that's'the mind of a lunatic. in the animal kingdom murder can be rational. this horrifying stuff can only be produced by a human mind.

  38. mac wallace says

    alot of good scenes. best movie i seen in days. and i've seen alot of movies last two days, hell yeah! the care of a young girl, and madmen torture. and everything in between. couple of things where too catchy, seriously weak scenes. the whole movie is above avarage. it's quality of haniball, vikings with top notch comedy. cartoonish.

  39. bc rahul says

    Waiting for polar 2

  40. Liu Dave says

    This is one of the movies that is severely underrated. I mean if you look for plot or meanings or whatsoever, you will be very disappointed. But come on, this is a fantastic action film, I had a lot of fun watching it

  41. HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHaNo says

    Well the film was shit.

  42. Rodrigo Rodriguez says

    The best way to describe this film is john wick mixed with die hard

  43. Mike Mike says

    Snake?? Is that you?? Metal gear

  44. ahoo samon says

    So who was Evalina? Can someone explain

  45. Vic Gaming says

    The drone ending in this movie was so low budget and was like made at the last minute until deadline but the movie is so damn good though.

  46. W0lfG356 says

    2:00 is that Joel's house????

  47. Gareth says

    Big Boss's European cousin.

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