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  1. Movieclips Trailers says

    Margot Robbie is Harley freakin’ Quinn in first Trailer for Birds of Prey!

  2. Sebamatic Studios says

    1:20 is the hands down the best part

  3. lovey dovey says

    Harley quinn look like bebe rexha ? I guess😅

  4. LMF'S workout clips. says

    Jared leto , just another turd in the wind, flew right by.

  5. Clyde. J Garcia says

    That trailer sucked…. And who the hell chose the soundtrack for it….

  6. SB Mang says

    They should call this mess Harley's girls.

  7. Kalima says


  8. GalaxyAlien says

    We're finally trying something new <3

  9. Lea Xenia says

    Hi I’m just here to see Ewan McGregor finally playing the bad guy for the first time in his whole career.

  10. Margarita M. says

    So now this is a movie about a girl breaking up and getting a haircut and just doing nothing with some random girls wtf
    And we still should watch it because it’s Margot Robbie and it’s Gotham and someone still gets killed?
    I expected more.

  11. Mark Alvarez says

    After the interview about the movie and how it's going to teach guys about "mansplaning".. Yeaaaaa.. Imma hard pass this movie…

  12. kemi says

    I know Harley is an obnoxious bimbo but still this looks kinda bad

  13. darkfire170 says

    so Ramona Flowers is part of the Birds of Prey

  14. Princess KawaiiGirl1971 says

    Why just why I want a movie about Harley and the joker so bad

  15. rxcoupe says

    this looks terrible

  16. Bercem Sen says

    Jared should be in this movie.

  17. rayy guzman says


  18. Kroolini says

    So they made a bad joker movie with Jared Leto, and fired him. Step 2 is making a bad harley quinn movie?

  19. woop123457 says

    How could a character who started out as a cartoon become bigger then life!!!

  20. Ruben Yeet says

    Can’t wait for this movie

  21. silky janee says

    Do u think she’s gonna have a girlfriend?

  22. Salva510 says

    I feel like now that DC is on a role they're trying to jedi mind trick us into forgetting what came before wonder woman.

  23. RikiFrost says

    Margot Robbie is hot asf and plays a awesome Harley Quinn, but this movie looks like straight garbage

  24. Dario says

    Jesus just went to see the joker possibly one of the best movies that I have ever seen and then I see this trailer, str8 dumpster fire! This is going to flop worst than BVS.

  25. Raph Spider boy says

    yeah whatever

  26. Red Rocket says

    Well I just hope they bring extra security to the movie theaters when this comes out. I can totally see women being radicalized and dressing up in crazy outfits and murdering people with guns, hammers, and bombs.

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