Maleficent: Mistress of Evil – Trailer Oficial

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Walt Disney Studios

  1. Ayana Khan says

    'Love doesn't always ends well'

  2. Squidward Tenticles Isthe Best says

    Hopefully we get to see the dragon in this film

  3. Raniah Angeles says

    How about in Philippines? Oct. 16 or 18?

  4. sixnow25 says

    I'm praying that this doesn't suck.

  5. Attila Tistyán says

    dont use that Fel magic too often…

  6. Zachary Joshua Jao says

    Disney park Evil Queen turns into Maleficent. Now they should Make all the villains be the good guys.

  7. Pee Cee says

    Mom : wake up it’s time for school
    Me : Don’t …ruin my morning

  8. Begum Keskin says

    X V I – Darkness is the song that starts at 1:28

  9. ella hamel says

    angelina jolie was never a good actress, she got into hollywood thanks to hollywood, and her look only.

  10. Xx•Gacha Queen•xX says

    Okay but that queen got some verve I wouldn’t want to piss her off

  11. Xx•Gacha Queen•xX says

    It comes out October 18th my birthday is on the 22nd of October so I’m coming to see it the weekend before my birthday! I’m so exited to see it!

  12. LARISSA 17170 says

    Que pena eu já vi😯

  13. Alina Titenoc says

    This is interesting.I like it more then the 1st movie

  14. Derya Türkyılmaz says

    😄wonderfull 👍🏻

  15. PeneBriTin tk says

    Queen is an utter idiot for provoking Maleficent like that. Maleficent is a real mother to Aurora. ♥

  16. Luv says

    Loved the first movie. Can't wait to see this one. ♥️ Maleficent

  17. melika sims says

    Maleficent doesn't seem good or evil to me…. She just seems like a person with feelings.

  18. The gangster Girls and boys says

    O god how are they?

  19. Kelsey The gamer says

    go maleficent

  20. quick! hidethepickles says

    The first trailer I seen for this made me think that it was fake, but it's actually happening! Finally!

  21. Aaron Manansala says


  22. FAFA PUBLIC says

    Yang dari Indonesia like, Akhirnya keluar juga nih film favorit Indonesia juga

  23. Yahya Aditya says

    Apik tenan film nya

  24. HaloMediaRecords says

    Basically just watched the whole movie through the trailer

  25. ambii // says

    I hate the way Aurora didn't stand up for Maleficent and was with the queen and hugged her after the words she said about Maleficent
    What I predict will happen is that the queen is evil and uses Aurora and then Aurora will be like " oh shoot god mother was right " and goes back to Maleficent but we'll see when the movie will come out

  26. Nhy Tarhalys says

    Mistress of evil?! c'mon disney, i saw the first movie, so be honest to me. If Angeleficent is "evil" then Samwise is Sauron.

  27. Sumiko Kitsune says

    I cant wait! To see it!!

  28. Jessica Du Plessis says

    If they make a maleficent 3 it should be made with hades and how they met

  29. Iamsarah says

    Is it just me or does the queen look like the evil queen from snow white and the huntsman movie ?

  30. The Dude says

    well the first maleficent was crap so what does disney do? they make another one.the new lion king sucks,the new dumbo sucked,the new aladdin sucked.disney is putting out crap now.and don't even get me started on star wars.

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