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  1. Perfection47 Diz

    This will be epic!

  2. Nico Diz

    This might actually save 2020.

  3. Vahagn Navasardyan Diz
  4. Dilarabull Mayfair Diz

    Cringe looool! Still love tho

  5. ZyroSZN Diz
  6. TheMonado Diz

    Copying doctor who

  7. Sensitive Skeptic Diz


  8. I Don’t Even Know Diz

    Everyone subscribe to me

  9. Squicx Diz

    The saviours of world SAVE 2020!!!

  10. General Zod Diz

    My childhood returns! Excellent 😎

  11. Top 10 Gaming Diz

    Cant wait to watch this when lockdown ends

  12. gearwhizz Diz

    Remember in Bogus Journey when Ted possesses his dad and Bill possesses the other cop and we get to see two old dudes doing impressions of Bill and Ted..?

  13. Scrambled 59 Diz

    This looks like it’s going to be just as surreal and hilarious as the first 2

  14. Terence135 Diz

    Epic, finally

  15. World Peace Diz

    I was a big fan of first, it looks much like 2nd sequel very bad and silly. Reeves a great person but here appears stiff and unprovoking silly

  16. JaySee5 Diz

    Black bars = automatic dislike

  17. Urban Outdoorsman Diz

    Well, 2020 did give us one fun thing.

  18. Howard Li Diz


  19. Zach Pierce Diz

    JESUS IS COMING SOON! Whoever is reading this right now I believe that it is for a reason. We have ALL sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Everyone human being is on the pathway to hell, AKA eternal separation from God because God is a holy and just God who cannot be in the presence of sin. However, the free gift of God gives everyone is JESUS CHRIST because he LOVES us. We must follow Jesus and OBEY him because Jesus said “if you love me keep my commandments.” (Jn 14:15) I implore anyone who reads this to repent of their sins with all of their heart and “seek Me with all of your heart and you will find Me” (Jeremiah29:13). Jesus says, “if your hand causes you to sin cut it off.”(Matt5:30) We must cut off all sin or disobedience from our lives and “be holy, because I am holy.” (1Pet1:16). Cry out to Jesus Christ today and read the Bible starting in the Gospels! JESUS LOVES YOU 🙂

  20. John Diz

    i knew it
    john wick is uniting the world

  21. Nathan Mateer Diz

    I didnt catch the death song first time watching. Thought they were just yelling.

  22. Rex2212 Diz

    Black Lives Matter was co-founded by Alicia Garza, a self-proclaimed Communist. Communists have murdered 30 times as many people as the Nazis and KKK combined. I won't kneel for genocidal maniacs. F-Black Lives Matter. F-Communists. F-Alicia Garza. F-Democrats. F-The NFL. F-Walmart. F-McDonalds. F-Intel.

  23. BronxBorn Royalty Diz

    I feel like they should’ve used new actors but I get it this is years later bill and Ted I’m with it gotta watch for sure

  24. Can Aydın Diz
  25. Touko Mizu Diz

    Thought this movie was about their "more intelligent" daughters. There's no hint of them in the trailer.

  26. Theo Goodman Diz

    This looks surprisingly amazing

  27. Alpha Duck Diz

    I've never been so hyped for a movie in my life

  28. N. G. Diz


  29. JewManFew Diz

    Oh, umm, my. That is going to suck.

  30. Kung Pow Mike Diz

    Why.. oh why 😩

  31. experiment54 Diz

    Are there any phone booths left?

  32. Justin Sander Diz

    Whats happening today is because of a lack of good music, save us Wild Stallions!

  33. earthatom7 Diz

    Is this real life?!?

  34. Raul Santana Diz

    This is gonna be great. But how are they gonna explain to kids what a phone booth is?

  35. Goodmen Saul Diz

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  36. Bio Dox Diz
  37. Frédy Yo Diz

    What's the soundtrack in 0:07 ?

  38. OmarSaad Diz


  39. MikeBradburn28 Diz

    Dumb and dumber 2 vibes here…

  40. Fritz Haarmann Diz


  41. iMaxAL Diz


  42. 500 Subscribers To Help My Brother Diz

    “The only true wisdom consists in knowing that you know nothing” So-Crates

  43. 500 Subscribers To Help My Brother Diz

    If ever there was a year we needed Bill and Ted to unite us, this would be the year.

  44. Auphanim Diz

    the cinema is closed. how is this gonna fare?

  45. Anakin Skyobiliviator Diz

    Sigh, Hollywood, sometimes we just want to be happy with what we have. You don't gotta push out these nostalgia to our faces…and probably to a generation that probably never heard of it. Let cult classics be cult classics..

  46. Kris Neverumind Diz

    literal white washing (death) don't tell the BLM idiots they will ban the movie 😀

  47. Eugene Ax Diz

    We need a Wayne's World reboot too

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