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  1. Tall Dave says

    Steve Buscemi!! Cool. He was a real life fireman…. look it up

  2. Manne Bedia says

    urghhh of course. What are the chances week 19 is to film trailers what covid-19 is to humanity.

  3. Alana Albert says


  4. DaNes200581 says


  5. Top Music - Beautiful Life says

    due to quarantine everything is closed ( cinema cannot be seen in the cinema

  6. Daniel Kneebone says

    Granted that all the supposed blockbusters have been put on hold due to CoVid19, however, if this is all they can offer in the meantime, it is definite proof the movie industry is officially dead and buried. Three more words: Dakota Fanning………no!!!!!

  7. Elaine Howard says

    Well this is the first time I have watched a full ‘Trailers’ show, and know, I wouldn’t want to watch any of these movies. What’s going on, where are all the big summer box office hits?

  8. Christian Phrenger says

    Fun fact in that firefighter movie Steve buscemi used to be a real firefighter before he became a actor

  9. mdd1963 says

    13:56 figures…

  10. mdd1963 says

    Pete Davidson looks like he was just released from a camp in Poland….in 1945

  11. Tantiwa Hopak says

    Is the thumbnail girl from once upon a time in hollywood?

  12. ANW Lovett says

    Pere Davidson is a bad person

  13. M D says

    Trejo movie is the only interesting one.

  14. Serge V. says

    Lots of shity movies 😅

  15. Darth Bossk says

    Okay, so the next few months is full of dull student movies. Thanks Covid.

  16. Jon Do says

    Think like a Dog FTW!! It was the only one I was interested in 🙂

  17. Razial says

    They just dont make good movies anymore.

  18. Love sucking candy: TAP ON MY PHOTO says

    😆 💖 💖

  19. Love sucking candy: TAP ON MY PHOTO says

    perfect, dude

  20. Mann Down says

    Wow is this a chick flick weekend.

  21. eitughtueir says

    Jesus, Bill. First Garfield and now a talking dog? What happened to you, man?

  22. Rey Kenobi says

    Is Josh Duhamel not a good actor? Why does he keep getting cast in such bottom-of-the-discount-bin movies?

  23. Syed HR! says

    "Knock Knock"
    "Who's there?"
    "Not your dad?"

  24. TomPlusStreetwear says

    I miss being able to go to the cinema 😩

  25. Sneaky says

    0:17 how is Logan Lerman so cute
    he's like baby-face cute

  26. Green Onions says

    Looks like some pretty bleak pickings.

  27. Justin Fencsak says

    Better trailers coming

  28. moewadee says

    So that's where Dakota fanning is…

  29. Elijah Karash says

    clementine came out last year

  30. Man Child says

    I always watch these hoping for a new tenet trailer. Oh well

  31. Trenton Allen says

    Where's THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN trailer

  32. 2degucitas says

    I can totally buy Buscemi and Davidson being related. Great match.

  33. John Kaitlyn says

    Bill Burr movie! Looks good, even Pete.

  34. Fintan says

    The dakota fanning one is such a middle class white woman fantasy

  35. Jayarie says

    Yeah these either give absolutely no idea what the movie is about or give the entire plot

  36. РУЗ Tj says


  37. garcia adrian says

    I like to see a new Disney series of direct to video film each featuring new stories about Disney children characters
    Alice and Mowgli and Arthur and Pinocchio and Dumbo

  38. Jacob Wilkes says

    “Here’s week 19 of trailers from upcoming movies coming to a home near you.”

  39. Patronus says

    The one with Dakota Fanning looks emmotional AF

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