PERRY MASON Official Trailer (2020) New HBO Series

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  1. PhokenKuul says

    Not sure how this will be but it has 3 of my favorite actors in it so I am going to give it as much a try as I can.

  2. Mitch Finn says

    Perry Mason? Or L.A. Confidential? … which is just fine btw

  3. Galaxy Lucia says

    Just so we’re clear: I recognized Tatiana and clicked.

  4. Penney Burgess says

    Talk about film noir! I love Perry Mason as it is! I have been excited about this since I saw the announcement on TV years ago! The cast, the costumes, the details! This far exceeds what I thought was coming. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Downey!!! I can’t wait for June 21st!!!!💋💖

  5. Lisa Guastella says

    Except for the names, this is not Perry Mason – all for an origin story but PM’s character was in his mid ‘30s during TOS so he’d be a kid during this time. It looks like a great show but you need to take the Perry Mason connection out as it doesn’t fit the timeline!

  6. doomo says

    Cue the dumfuks who think it began and ended with Raymond Burr. The original books were way different as were the original films. And actually much better than the tame/boring tv version.

  7. Mihh sousa says


  8. FanboyFilms says

    Two questions: Are they using Ozzy's song in this show? And who's playing Ham Burger?

  9. darnlove55 says

    HBO why you lying…. original my a—— lol perry mason look like a drunk who has not won a case in ages n stop cleaning his suits lol

  10. idgafjuslisten says

    Omg I'm such a big fan of the old series

  11. Louis Richner says

    I get chills from watching this trailer every time. I'm not familiar with the original show, so the first time I watched this my mind went to LA Noire. Just the era and location makes it for me!

  12. loonvisionnaire says

    Not even a slight resemblance to the original… Horrific, what a slap in the face to those great stars and creators

  13. derek clay says

    Perry mason columbo matlock anyone ekse that would gel together real well as allies in a shared television universe?

  14. Albastine S. says

    How does this compare to the original show? Is it looking way different? I remember my dad would watch Perry Mason but that's about it.

  15. The Fan Fatale says

    Oh my. This looks magnifique!

  16. FAK___ says

    Skinny guy, we'll have to get used to that

  17. Daniel Scott says

    Can't wait. HBO is about to have another hit

  18. lia raizel says

    TATIANA!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  19. Dark Phoenix says

    Reminds me a little bit on Babylon Berlin

  20. SeunTyb TV says

    I will see this

  21. AMJH 4LAH says

    Loving that Radiohead music in the background!!

  22. vidaurreta says

    Is this going to be another one of those slooooooooooooowwwww, color faded series that HBO specializes in?

  23. TGriffiths86 says

    No theme song, and Perry Mason looking like Colombo after sleeping on the couch in his office for a few nights?

  24. Sarmela Dharmarajah says

    Hmmmm, Interesting place to start. Looking fwd to it!

  25. spiritoflove ipi says

    Nahh not feeling it

  26. Hewy Toonmore says

    Where's the theme? The classic theme from the original TV show?

  27. Lovatic BArmy says

    OMG yaaaaaaaaas my girl tatiana doing the damn thing. love it

  28. mellowman1001 says

    More Colombo: The Early Years than Perry Mason.

  29. Garrett Meadows says

    Oy vey! Why even try to top Raymond Burr?

  30. sm70911 says


  31. Mustafa Jackson says

    I am extremely underwhelmed!

  32. Jason Farrall says

    I’m in! Radiohead’s – Life in a glass house ❤️

  33. BubblyBrainiac says

    Gotta say Maslany and Rhys. I did not know how much I needed to see them on screen together until this trailer. Matthew Rhys is easily one of the best actors alive right now. I'll watch just for him.

  34. Nate The Great says

    Please re upload with music from Ozzie.

  35. Darryl Garner says

    As a lawyer, I have to say that if the Private Eye guild is getting Perry Mason then I hope we got Phillip Marlow and Sam Spade in the trade – and forced them to take Matlock too.

  36. xxwhispersxx says

    That is NOT Perry Mason.

  37. Daniel Mazin says

    Completely missed the point of Perry Mason.

  38. PalmurcioWorld says

    Everything for Tatianna Maslany.

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