Marvel Falcon and Winter Soldier Teaser

25 19

Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Emergency Awesome

  1. Emergency Awesome says

    Here's my new Marvel Phase 4 video and Easter Eggs! There will be more Falcon and Winter Soldier, Loki and Doctor Strange 2 soon. Post all your theories in the comments. Here's my new Thor 4 Christian Bale video too!

  2. just peaxhy says

    i would like to say a few things
    first of all,isn’t the bucky birthday thing a cast gag?
    second of all,cap didn’t pick sam for his skills.cap wasn’t picked for his skills,he was picked for his personality.bucky WAS possessed and although he’s fine now,it’s still a little risky.
    third,maybe the shield is lighter now or something

  3. Le Piéton 2.0 says

    107 years ! 😮

  4. Dr. Modesto Castellano says

    There’s still the proto-winter super soldier program from Civil War, which could mix with Black Widow & the ‘red vials’

  5. Brian Aurelio says

    This is the one Marvel show I am most looking forward to seeing.

  6. John Prescod says

    Kang would be a great villain

  7. Matthew Saunders says

    If they are going to do the background of the super serum Luke cage then technically would be part of that right?

  8. Zonzyo Tea says

    I wonder if Bucky's new arm has any relation to Klaue's sonic arm 🤔

  9. John DesiletsJr says

    Who is Taskmaster? Cpt. Zemo would be dope right but idk yo! What you think?

  10. Khaotic Intent says

    If Bradley is being mentioned, the that means eventually jack monroe and lucas cage. Luke Cage being in the MCU

  11. GentleTaipan says

    Buck, no, social distancing, remember?
    JK, happy birthday old man.

  12. kirabo Daniel -connell says

    Is that the mechanics sound track I hear?

  13. Aleeck says

    I sense a future Fortnite skin 😆

  14. Klaus Pamboukis says

    I really hope the Disney plus shows are good

  15. Good Boi says

    0:380:41 zemo looks like he’s is been put on hold LOL 😂

  16. alwaysxnever says

    Bruh. Isaiah Bradley becoming Canon to the MCU would be killer!!!

  17. Riker Playz says

    2:20 Okay so if the glove is to hide is metal arm, why is he wearing it on his right hand and not his left. I mean, it's his left arm that's prosthetic, right?

  18. Lee Myers says

    I can't wait for the next phase to start the web of movie and TV shows,

  19. Ali jahan says

    why he has short hair . the winter soldier from the captain america winter soldier was the best looking .

  20. MeTube says

    Comic-Con may be cancelled (or postponed) due to Corona virus.

  21. rednut981 says

    hmmm I wonder how corv 19 will affect this movies productions, and this year theater releases

  22. Shanon Snyder says

    My theory for the series is the Bucky and Falcon team up with Zemo to bring down US Agent, but Zemo double crosses them and goes on with his own nefarious plans.

  23. Danny Frisby says

    It says 107 because he was in the 107th division…

  24. Cnr 21 says

    Red Hulk maybe

  25. englandmp152 says

    This stuff is taking too long…MCU withdrawals…

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