DOOM Eternal – Official Launch Trailer

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de Bethesda Softworks

  1. Bethesda Softworks says

    Are you ready for DOOM Eternal's launch on March 20? One more week to go!

  2. connie sturgeon says

    Wow the icon of sin isn't a face on a wall

  3. King Jiggah says

    Oh I see the demon scum are back.

  4. Digoxin Small dose says

    To bad ,,i cant get it,,because the situation in my country italy ,,guys we already living in a doom here ,,seriously its gettin worse every day ,,plz don,t underestimate the disease like we did and look what happened ,, plz pray for us ,,sorry for my bad english ,,but we need corona slayer more than anything ,,stay united ,,humanity will win ,,ibeleving in that ✌

  5. Pred Edicius says

    This right here
    Is what they should show on TV

  6. Energy Vanquish says

    5 days to go and my hype won’t let me sleep!

  7. Ian._002 says

    Sometimes you don't buy a game just for the gameplay

  8. DoomGuy Archer [blue rose] says


  9. Ethan Mulleno says

    The BFG, other wise known as the BIG FUCKING GUN

  10. Rotten Potato says

    You see Bethesda this is how you make a trailer. Whoever made this should be the head of marketing at Bethesda

  11. Jacob says

    Thank you for this redemption! TV AD almost made me skip this game 😀

  12. Rad Ranks says


  13. Sebastian Sebi says

    DOOM will launch at the same time as the apocalipse

  14. Moyai says

    Icon of Sin: dies in DOOM II Also Icon of Sin: I’ll fuckin do it again

  15. Sly Fox says

    Earth Simulator 2020

  16. Gamer McGee says

    "Welcome home great slayer…" Welcome home indeed. Holy hell, the hype is real!

  17. Phantom says

    This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I get to stay inside and avoid the Coronavirus while slaying demons.

  18. ROTTEN RICKY says

    I'd love to see the ID people make a proper Aliens Colonial Marines game. =)

  19. The Archives says

    This wait feels too long

  20. Emir Awadi says

    epic and metal !

  21. Ian Fernandez says

    0:25 doom 3 character?

  22. Tim says

    174 demons dislike

  23. Lhenkhantus says

    Wow, a plasma quad minigun,

  24. Isaiah Sotelo says

    I hope I don't get motion sickness

  25. Tyler Petty says

    My graphics card is gonna be toast.

  26. Dorky Pork says

    How can we enjoy it if none of us know what melee is according to Joe Rogan

  27. Jhonatan IxRxMxA says

    one more trailer and they will have shown the entire game.

  28. RevolverRez says

    I don't know how they made the turret mode for the chaingun look even more overpowered but they did and I want it.

  29. Hashem Nassr says

    Theory here (spoilers doom 2016): after the doom-slayer in doom 2016 gets betrayed and left strandend in Hell by Hayden, he gets captured and mutated and he turns into the marauder from the trailer ( guy with bad-ass axe ) and leads the new invasion . Therefor we will be playing as the doom guy from The original DOOM 1 & 2 in DOOM eternal , who has been in some sort of hibernation in space just in case shit goes bad again and gets awakened by the events in this game. Thats why he has more equipment, gear and better weapons than the Slayer in 2016.

  30. Antonio Armbruster says

    God I'm ready for the doom eternal game but I don't have my controller because I broke it hope everyone stay home and health bc the coronavirus demon fucking viurs

  31. Whatcha says

    Two word: FUCK. YES.
    Now this ia a trailer!

  32. Jonathan Mcnamara says

    Looks so cool

  33. Skulltoast Studios [NanoElite666] says

    Ah, I see a fourth barrel on the chaingun there. The only logical course of action after the triple-barrel mod from the last game.

  34. Ross Fitzpatrick says

    the music at 0:45 is the closest anything has ever got to God

  35. The Doc says

    This is a worthy trailer, none of that monkey music.

  36. sofiana sheriff says

    These guys need to do a reboot of The Darkness series

  37. Shawn Chowdhury says

    “Icon of Sin”- last boss from Doom II finally is back. New Generation Doom games surprisingly bringing old enemies another new level !! How astonishing is that 😊

  38. Gravy Spin says

    Will I be able to pull out John Romero's head from the Icon of sin?

  39. Armando Montero says

    And this is how you make a doom players boyz. a tear on my eye for so beatifull this is.

  40. TheShno56 says

    Found my 'bunker-in' activity.

  41. B3ast says

    I am so motherfucking hyped to bash demons rn

  42. Papi E says

    Spoiler: every enemy you see in this trailer will die

  43. I nut you nut everyone nuts says

    The icon of sin is ripped why is that

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