Pixar’s Soul – Official Trailer (2020) Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de IGN

  1. Silchas Ruin says

    This has touched me in ways that a rare few have in years and this is only the trailer, definitely looking forward to this

  2. Lek Gashi says

    This makes me really sad

  3. Filmography NOW says

    Coronavirus will kill everybody and people will see other world))

  4. Shaun says

    Now I don't even need to go and watch the movie …

  5. Chaoz says

    This looks nice but I just don’t see it making money but if it does it will only just cover cost

  6. Prasanth R says

    Did she just say "QUIRKS" like in MY HERO ACADEMIA

  7. milking cow suprise says

    Did the trailer just show us everything?

  8. Vince Atumac says

    I hope they would not spoil everything like what they do in Onward, if Onward skip the part of a half body part father resurrect. It would be whole different experience in cinema. Sad that didnt happen.

  9. Pancake Lord says

    1:09 oh hello there onion

  10. Lanz Cordero says

    The trailer already sold me

  11. j-dizzle time says

    Pixar: exists
    Onions: “Am I a joke to you?”

  12. Md Azizul Hakim says

    That kid soul must be his son 😇

  13. Tia Michael says

    Wow this is interesting.

  14. Patrick Kelly says

    This looks amazing me and my Girlfriend look forward to seeing this movies!

  15. ChristmasLoad 123 says

    What’s the song at 0:49

  16. Shadows And Air Conditioners says

    1:10 Onion where's Apple?

  17. Neil Rivera says

    Blasphemous crap!


    Looks interesting I look forward to it 🙂

  19. Frantik says

    J-joe Mama?

  20. Zyrah Ramz says

    When the pizza popped out of his butt I 😂😂😂

  21. LoganLasher: The Playlist Channel says

    1:56 The first time a man will be pregnant XD

  22. TheIkawatay says

    This is disney new, im going to watch this.

  23. keepingupwtae says

    Why is Disney trying to push death on to kids?Kids should enjoy their childhood without getting reminded about death.If I was shown this movie I would probably be depressed and I’m only 15.I don’t think this is a movie parents should let their kids watch.Kids also shouldn’t have had watched coco because that was way beyond something a child should watch.

  24. Mike Mack says

    Why do Pixar character designs all look so gloopy? Jeebs, mix it up a little.

  25. King Mogg says


  26. danny ingersoll says

    more like soulless

  27. Melanie Smith says

    This looks weird! Um no!

  28. Chris Ang says

    I can already tell this movie is going to make me cry

  29. Aaron Beaulieu says

    Wait so how can they hear each other?

  30. Orlando Monteiro says

    0:48 umguigigagugi intensifies

  31. SolidTree says

    Cute but man, the seeing him in his real body in the real life settings look so beautiful compared to his blue form and other world setting.

  32. ZergforLoser says

    Brilliant movie once again

  33. Cesar Flores says

    This looks bad

  34. championchap says

    This has got some serious style. I love it!

  35. Julian Montgomery says

    The animation style, the world building, the voice acting, the themes… just give this movie an Oscar already.

  36. Gareth Foers says

    Is this going to be as tedious as Inside Out?

  37. Darth Vader says

    1:10 totally me

  38. A.m P.m says

    Im excited to hear what songs Jamie will be singing. Lol I'm real happy for this dude.

  39. William Roehm says

    I feel like this is going to turn into a Monkey Bone situation.

  40. Random Penguins says

    This seems like a great film but through the trailer I've already seen it

  41. allen carlo says

    So like when we die we turn to Olaf but without a nose

  42. allen carlo says

    This looks very interesting and promising, I really like it

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