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  1. says

    ** Thumbnail Credit: BossLogic, Justice League Dark- Green Lantern **
    Upcoming Movies That Can Be Found In This Video:
    0:05 – GREYHOUND (2020) Tom Hanks
    2:37 – PROXIMA (2020) Eva Green, Matt Dillon
    4:34 – SATANIC PANIC (2020) Rebecca Romijn
    7:57 – THE SECRET GARDEN (2020) Colin Firth
    10:18 – THE ROOM (2020) Olga Kurylenko
    12:38 – CRUEL PETER (2020) Horror
    14:36 – SLEEPING WITH MY STUDENT (2020) Thriller
    16:41 – GETAWAY (2020) Thriller

  2. ádám Tóth says

    i rly like trailer that spoilers the whole movie !!!

  3. White Rabbit says

    Gotta say I'm glad a mixture of clickbate. Misleading, and obsessive use of adds make ya happy and keep you afloat

  4. Arnel Garcia says

    Who came in here beacause of green lantern?..


    1:27 ❤🔥💃

  6. Eric Moore says

    Greyhound looks good.

  7. Laxus says

    Proxima is so cringy its trash. Wow wonder who came up with that trash

  8. Sponsi says

    Proxima – a pathetic bitch leaving daughter to "make dreams come true"… holy fuck…

  9. CEN TRAL says

    Wow , Forest Gump went from a box of chocolates to a frickin warship

  10. readme info says

    These movies look awful. Holy cow.

  11. 벝엄 says

    Dude really? Shame on u and ur life

  12. Parwinder singh Rajpoot says


  13. 59Gretsch says

    I am noticing a trend where Nazis are the only bad-guys Hollywood likes to focus on. Communism killed 100 million people and there are almost no top-tier movies put out out on the events. Even 911 with all the dramatic stories which could have been written, on stories real or fiction… hardly got covered. Its weird.

  14. Frantz says

    Thumbnail is misleading…

  15. Obaid Harres says

    F**king liar…

  16. BJ Saringan says

    I just came here to read the disappointed comments because I was fooled by their power ranger thumbnail before and won't bother to finish or watch the trailers lol.

  17. Yuzz says

    i miss eva green….i must watch her movie…

  18. Richard Yocum says

    Misleading thumbnail=automatic dislike

  19. Brandon Heselton says

    Fuck these butch ass ads!

  20. John Marston says

    Imagine taking trailers that aren’t yours at all and putting a shit load of ads on it

  21. Bread BIGcool says

    Lol these movies kinda suck and your getting views over the thumbnails

  22. no time to explain! says

    Wheres that teen Titans movie I ordered?

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