Lady Gaga – Stupid Love -Trailer

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Fonte: Canal do Youtube de LadyGagaVEVO

  1. Tatyane Lemos says

    Vários do Brasil rsrs, te amo Gagaaa

  2. Thomaz Oliveira says

    3 dia, tacando stream na lenda ❤️

  3. De tv kantine Fragmenten says

    Hallo ook Nederlanders hiero?

  4. Jessy NJ says

    Ayyy lady gaga lookin fly 😎😃🤗🥰🙂

  5. Noah Vann says


  6. Bailey Arnett says

    Who has pre-ordered Chromatica??

  7. Kitsune Sensei says


  8. Kitsune Sensei says


  9. bluh! says

    I'd like to know the name of the blue dancer in 2:21, he's so hot and tall ¬¬)

  10. Jovem Internetico says

    Born this way pink version

  11. Natalia Hernandez says

    Obrigada Gaga por voltar ao Pop Chiclete. Não aguento mais ter que ouvir só Kpop para conseguir rebolar loucamente pela casa.

  12. Yusuf Keks says

    Video background looks like Made in the 80‘s 😂

  13. Eunice Simão says

    iPhone 11 congratulations

  14. David Martinez says

    Gaga came to save us, the pop music and the corona virus

  15. Elizabeth Gudiño says

    Según yo esté vídeo lo grabaron con la camara de un I phone

  16. João Vitor Lopes says

    So chromatica is a planet?

  17. Strxwberry Warrior says

    roses are red
    violets are blue
    the title was english…
    so i thought the comments were too.

  18. OVERLORD_CHAOS! says

    awful music and awful song… art pop 2.0 incoming? plus do an entire video shooted from a cellphone = cheapest quality.

  19. Albert Dillion says

    And the music itself is boring and bland. I feel like I've heard this song a quadrillion times already. I think I'll just listen to really old music when it actually had rythym. This shit sux.

  20. Leslie Lopes Sandes says

    socorro, que linda <3

  21. caine x says

    Can we reach 22million by the end of its 3rd day ????

  22. Galo Donoso says

    Gaga is back, that's all I can say.

  23. Nanda Furtado says


  24. Dadoosh Official says


  25. Maria Fernanda Quezada says

    Lady Gaga is jamming to this tune after the modafinil kicks in >w<

  26. Zomebra says

    You can definitely tell this was made on a phone, Even if they didn’t have a apple ad about this and if it wasn’t said in the description it’s not as “professional” looking as when it’s made with a real camera, No one cares about this but thought I’d say it

  27. Betho R says

    Passou um carro com som perto. Stupid Love bem altooooo. Quase saí correndo dançando kkkk

  28. Little Joey says

    BR ?

  29. Sorano Filmes says

    now we want ELECTRO-pop

  30. Anja van der Meulen says

    Loveeeee ittt ♡♡♡♡♡

  31. Gucia BlueBlack says

    Thank you P for recommending the song to me ❤
    It's really nice ❤

  32. Little Joey says


  33. Albert Dillion says

    Cheap looking video and the outfits look like they've been sitting in a trunk since 2008.

  34. Alejandro Dejesus says

    wedn.ejouh ahgua

  35. Beste Karaca says

    Not sure about the theme i know its our old gaga vibe but after all that nature vibe im little disturb

  36. Mands Vitória says

    Eu não me sentia tão feliz assim desde 2010. Lady Gaga me salvou de novo.

  37. Peter Scarborough says

    Lorian Gibson we need you baby

  38. Yvan Krzeslo says

    i hope the album is this good.

  39. Young Blood The XIII says

    I like the "oooo oooo" noises.

  40. Karamelo Santo says

    we love Lady Gaga from argentine

  41. Franco says

    the pop we ever wanted, the pop we deserve

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